1.  From a brush to an easel or from body paints to oil to canvases, any reputed art supply store or online shop can provide an artist or art student all the materials and tools he needs to practice art or create a masterpiece.
    The art of face and body painting
    Face and body painting is a form of art. Safe and non-toxic face & body paint is used to create art on a person’s face or body by using it as a canvas.  Painting that is confined to the face is usually called face painting; while large-scale painting on the body is referred to as body painting. However, paintings that are small and have more detailed work are sometimes called temporary tattoos.   This type of art is temporary and can only last for a few hours. It can be removed by using water, soap, alcohol or a mild solvent.
    Face & body paint is available in standard, fluorescent and metallic colours. Some brands also have a range of shimmering glitter colours. They are generally packed in various sized jars, squeeze bottles or tubes and can be purchased from art materials and supplies outlets and online shops. By purchasing quality face and body painting supplies you can avoid the risk of allergic reactions.
    Types of easels available for children
    Easels for children are typically designed to be smaller and shorter than those used by adults. They invariably have two sides or more allowing the young artist to work on any side instead of just one. Each side of the kid’s easel could have different surfaces, for example a chalk board or green board on one side and paper roll for drawing or painting on the other. They are also usually equipped with trays or storage compartments to hold the art supplies of the child. Various types of easels are available for children like table top easels, adjustable easels, double sided easels and more.
  2. There are many different types of materials, supplies and tools that an artist requires to create his works of art. These can be purchased from art supply outlets or from online stores. Qualities and prices vary for these supplies based on their brand as well as level of talent. Supplies used by professional artists would cost more than those available for students.
    The many types of art easels available today
    An art easel is a support or stand that is used by an artist to rest his drawing surface or canvas while he is working on it. Most easels are adjustable in height, width and angle, allowing the artist to raise, lower or adjust the angle at which he can view his work, at the same time giving it the support it requires. Their design allows them fit into small working areas and they are usually collapsible making it easy for storage. There are various types, shapes and styles of art easels and they come in a wide range of sizes. There are studio easels like  A-
    frame easels, art horses and bench easels, giant easels, H-frame easels, single-mast easels and wall mounted easels to name a few. There are also table easels, outdoor easels, children’s easels as well as display and presentation easels. An art easel can be made from aluminium, metal or wood.
    A good brand of face paint is safe to use
    An art supply outlet or online shop may also stock face paint supplies for use by either professional face painters or amateurs. These paints are specially prepared by using a makeup base to protect the skin from any allergic reaction. Theater actors, makeup artists and professional artists always choose a good quality brand of face paint as they can be assured that it is safe to use. It is therefore, also advisable to use a good brand for events like children’s parties etc. Face paints come in an assortment of colors.
  3. Colors are the soul of life, without colors our lives will be dull and boring; similarly, folks with an artistic frame of mind paint their lives on the grand canvas rolls, and for such budding talent, Australia’s leading art supply retailer - brings the best in art materials and equipment. The company is an online junction of all types of art supply solution and aims to deliver superior quality art materials –such as face paint supplies and canvas rolls- to artists, schools and public/private organizations so that creativity does not take the back seat in this fast forward life.

    Our team of experts explains that why only quality face paint supplies worth your money and anything less than that is a sheer waste!

    1. Safety: This is one of the most important parts of quality face paint supplies that they meet all national and international safety standards. The safety parameters guided by the national and international councils ensure that the use of chemicals and other essentials are limited and completely innoxious!

    2. Easy to Apply: Quality face paint supplies are easy to use; they can be easily applied on the face without any expert advice.

    3. Skin Friendly: Quality body and face paints do not contain toxic materials and leave no spots or redness on your skin. Our face and body paints are formulated to be friendly with the most delicate skin.

    4. For Great Colors: Choose finest paints for their amazing, vibrant color options. We offer nine exciting shades of the finest colors to woo your audience.

    5. Easy to Get Off: A quality face paint can be taken off in few seconds without any extra efforts. Apparently, it is worthwhile to choose a branded face paint than local or cheap product and we as one of the finest art material suppliers truly live up to that part.
  4. If you are an artist and looking for quality art materials at a reasonable price in Australia, don’t go other than Art Supplies Australia, an online art suppliers store. The company offers all the well known good quality branded art materials like clay, canvas boards, canvas and linen rolls, acrylic paints, oil paints, brushes, easels, Derivan face paint and many more. The company was formed with the objective to overcome the deficit in the market in respect of art materials supplies at affordable prices.

    There are quite a few suppliers in the market offering the art materials like Derivan face paints, Canvas, easels etc. , but Art supplies Australia with its over a decade of art industry experience is a name that provides good personalized service that rarely seen in online market. There are the 3 points why one shall consider Art Supplies Australia to shop for art materials:
    • Branded Art Materials: Art Supplies Australia hosts wide range of well branded art materials, and is consistently increases its assortment. The company understands the value of art and art materials; therefore it makes sure that the artists get the best of products. With products like Derivan face paints, art spectrum, Winsor & Newton etc. the company is all set to be an online leader for art supplies in Australia.
    • Reasonable prices: The Company not only targets the artists but also the students. Therefore the products are priced in such a manner that theses are reasonable and affordable. The company tries to offer almost all the branded art supplies at the most competitive prices. For example quality face paints may be quite expensive. However Art supplies Australia offers the branded face paints like Derivan, Tim Gratton etc. starting at a nominal value of $4.20.
    • Customer service:  Art Supplies Australia believes that the ultimate objective is not the sale but the customer satisfaction, with a real person answers phone; over 95% of the order was dispatched next day.  The company offers a friendly and empathetic customer service team.
  5. If it is about the art materials, rather it is about the branded and quality art materials, Art supplies Australia is a store where your search will end. Art supplies Australia has been serving the market for past ten years. The company assorts the best of brands like Derivan face and body paints, Art spectrum oil paints, brushes, pottery clay etc.

    Art requires a vision and a unique temperament along with the quality art materials. Therefore while busying or choosing art supplies following factors should be kept in mind:

    Choose the appropriate quality: There are two qualities of art supplies available on the market: Student and artists. Student art supplies are relatively cheaper as compared to artists’ quality art supplies. If you are a beginner student quality art supplies can be a good option.

    Use branded materials: It is advisable to use branded and quality art materials. Branded art materials can help you get the best outcome and an awesome piece of work. Whether be it pottery clay or paints try and choose the branded and quality products. Art spectrum, Derivan, Matisse are some of the names that you can choose from.

    Discounts: Since branded art materials like Derivan or Art Spectrum paints may be a little expensive, it is advisable to choose a company which offers discounts and schemes to facilitate the purchase. Art supplies Australia is a name that offers dependable discounts on products ranging from paints to pottery clay.

    Visit websites before actual purchasing: Before actually purchasing any art material, it is advised to visit the websites of the various companies. This may help you get an idea of various brands and products available in the market and their prices. You can also consider placing your order online via e-stores.If it is about the art materials, rather it is about the branded and quality art materials, Art supplies Australia is a store where your search will end. Art supplies Australia has been serving the market for past ten years. The company assorts the best of brands like Derivan face and body paints, Art spectrum oil paints, brushes, pottery clay etc.
  6. Face and body painting is a common trend during holidays. Especially during Halloween and birthday parties most of the kids love to experiment with face & body paint. It is a great fun for your kids to get face and body painted in different styles, but you need to be careful while choosing art supplies as wrong choice can lead to harmful skin reactions. Whether you are buying art products for presentation portfolio or face & body painting, it is essential to be careful while buying art products.

    If you are planning to get the face of your kids painted, be careful to use only water-based paints as they are safe for skin application. Many times, people use Sharpies or acrylic paints for face & body painting. Such paints can cause real damage to your kid’s skin as they have harsh chemicals and often carcinogens.
    Besides it, using cheap quality art supplies can also lead to skin infections and allergies. You should preferably use only branded water-based paints to ensure complete safety of your kids.

    You can also take help of professional face painters as they use right kind of art supplies. However, it is responsibility of parents to ask them about the kind of paints they are using for face and body painting before you allow them to paint face and body of your kids. You should be also careful that painters are using clean brushes and equipment, and have washed their hands thoroughly before painting.

    If you are good at painting and want to try it yourself, you can buy art supplies from online stores. Many online stores sell a wide range of art supplies at competitive prices. It is important to know about the reputation of the firm and buy products only from renowned firms carrying the best brands of face & body paint.
  7. All artists including students, amateurs and professionals need right kind of art materials to hone their talent. The quality of art supplies can put great impact to the final outcome. Many times artists find it too difficult to afford art supplies. A little bit of research and smart shopping attitude can help you to find sellers that proffer quality
    Here are some guidelines to buy discount art supplies.
    • With growing prices of branded art products, many individuals are turning towards online stores to fetch art supplies at competitive prices. These online stores usually feature a wide range of art products from many local and renowned brands.
    • While buying art materials, you should make sure not to compromise with the quality. Nowadays, there are many online stores selling discount art supplies to enable artists to buy art products at competitive prices. It is advisable that you should buy art materials only from reputed and reliable stores that carry the best of brands in the market.
    • You should also be aware of the best brands for art supplies in the market. Buying discounted art products does not always translate into cheap products. You might be buying low quality products at lower prices. Buying from reputed seller and renowned brand ensures its quality. Online reviews can help you to find reputed online sellers of art materials.
    • Another thing you can do to buy art products at cheap prices is to buy in bulk. If your requirements are too low, you can ask your friends and by clubbing together, you can make huge savings on bulk order. It is a great way for students of art schools to buy art material and other products at reasonable prices.
    Considering above things in mind can truly help you to buy superior quality art material at discounted prices.
  8. Kids’ easels are really not that cheap, but they can be seen as an investment that will offer a world of excitement and creativity to your child. The easel in itself is a stand alone piece of furniture, the size of which is just perfect for young budding artists. Kids can easily stand near it and paint away to glory or draw with crayons and markers. Easels can be easily folded and tucked away when not required. They can be used at both homes and schools. Kids’ easels help to combine learning and playtime. As such, they are used in art which improves hand eye coordination which is why adults wish to see them engaged in this activity. Children just love to have fun on their easels and draw pictures of their friends, family and nature that they bring to life from their imagination. Perfectly sized and colorful easels are just what they need in their developing years.

    The discount art supplies store also has other varieties of easels that can be used by adults. Heavy duty easels made of beech wood are quite popular as are water color easels. You can choose from H frame artist easels and display easels, A frame lyre easels, table top easels with storage compartments, square table easels and tripod easels.

    Whether you are a student, an institution, an amateur or established artist, online art supplies stores will have everything you need to make your project a success. All you need to do is select your items, pay for them and wait till they get delivered within a few days time. It’s really as simple as that.
  9. Face painting is a great attraction at craft fairs, summer events and family holidays, but it sometimes can have a disastrous effect on the skin if you didn’t choose right products. Whether you are a novice or experience body and face painter, you need to choose good quality and safe paints that do not contain chemicals, carcinogens or leave stains after washing. Investing in branded and safe face and body paint that are specially formulated for use on skin is a very good idea. Along with that, cosmetic grade glitter should be used that will not irritate the eyes or injure the eyes. Reputed brands such as Derivan and Tim Gratton are available at reliable online stores and that too at discounted prices.

    An easy to navigate online arts supplies store is a direct source of discount  art supplies which you simply cannot afford to miss. All kinds of oil paints, acrylic paints, face and body paints, water color paints, mediums and varnishes, brushes, easels, artist canvases, tools and accessories, craft materials, studio equipment, portfolios and sleeves can be found there. You can depend on their quick and reliable low cost shipping services to deliver your products on time. If you have any problems with their products or services, their friendly customer service staff members are always there to sort out the issues.

    It is a known fact that online stores are in a better position to offer a wider range of products and discounts than regular stores. When you can buy everything else online, why leave out art supplies? For more details and offers, check out the website of a reputed online supplier of art materials.
  10. Australia is an exemplary example of true depiction of colors, visuals and Arts. With roots dated back 30, 000 years ago; it has been valued as a legend when it comes to conventional and contemporary visuals through its line of museums and galleries. The country has raised and witnessed the birth of aspirant artists and the increasing notable names in the domain. Today, it still displays the growing number of student artists, hobbyists, and even professionals.

    Keeping this in mind, Art Supplies Australia supports the arena and is recognized as a reliable instrument in the promotion of Arts for several years now. The company aims in delivering complete range of Art Materials at the most convenient price for all its patrons. It has worked with trusted elite brands including Matisse, Derivan, Artworks, Winsor & Newton and Art Spectrum.

    The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of merchandise such as Canvas Roll , Acrylic paint, Oil Paint, Paint Brush, Inks, Mediums and much more. It has been admired for maintaining loyal customers as it has been known for its quality products. The company is also praised for their fast service and ever-friendly customer service staff who are all ready to serve you anytime.

    Art Supplies Sydney caters to the requirements of all students, teachers, schools, galleries, industries in the whole Australiawide. For best shopping experience, make it your option to find real value to what you are buying. What are you waiting for? Enhance your creative ideas and find superb results in all your work with Art Supplies Australia.
  11. Today, advanced technology is significantly succeeding at the high speed and it is very good option to get the good quality materials at rational price. This printing is very popular for creating good environment of the painters and artists. Art Materials Sydney is the most imperative form of the art in the Australia. This is very important for printing and art materials. This is very important part of our creative lives why you should have good knowledge about the printing materials. This is very central part of supplying Art Materials to Sydney.

    There is higher demand in the market for Face & Body Paint , art and painting materials where everyone is very interested to learn more about the art skills. To emphasize the well designed art materials and its scope, it is very important to have the good art and painting materials. To be familiar with great wish for artists and their talents, there is higher demand of art painting and art materials according to the functions and modern art styles. So, an artist is very popular by the creative arts that grow rapidly and there is higher demand in the market for Canvas Roll .

    Art is the greatest natural expression of feelings. It may be very different in nature and best medium to express art to art lovers and designers. This printing is very popular for creating good environment of the painters and artists. So, creative art is very important to make your life successful and good knowledge about the printing materials.
  12. Painting is a mode through which an artist expresses his thoughts and feelings. Combination of imagination and color, picture is created on a canvas that conveys a message that is artistically genius.

    To paint a picture on canvas, various art products are required. For those who are learning painting or professional painters, Art Supply Australia provides various kinds of fine art materials. Based in Sydney and with more than 10 years of experience in this industry, Art Supply Australia became one of the leading brands offering fine Art Materials and has developed a reputation for reliability, quality and product innovation. We managed to grow and expand in these years with the help of our loyal customers.

    We bring you all your favorite products such as acrylic paint, oil paint, Face & Body Paint , brushes, canvas boards and rolls and many other Art Supplies. All the high quality products that we provide carry the labels of Winsor and Newton, Art Spectrum, Derivan, Matisse and many more. We are coming with many premium products as we are adding to our database every day, so don’t forget to check our website with thousands of more products still to come!

    We promise that the products we offer touch the lives of artists in every step of his artistic journey, whether it is a childhood sketches or professional canvases. We are here in this industry to inspire artist of all ages and to help them realize their creative ideas. Many of our staff at Art Supply Australia comes from art or design background, which means they have great knowledge and can advise you with your current and future projects.

    We are supplying products to artist, schools, teachers and other public and private organizations. We are dedicated to provide quality products at affordable price for all artists from beginner to professional level.

    Art Supply Australia is recognized all over Australia for its excellence in quality. Our products are used by many professionals and hobby artists. We treasure every relationship that we make with our employees and valued customers.

     It is your own online store for all the amazing variety of products at discounted prices. Buy with full confidence as with so many years in the market, we treat each and every customer like a family.

    We also understand well the security and reliability of online shopping that is why we ensure that our website is secure for online ordering and we are guarantee our clients  in delivering all orders within given period of time all over Australia.

    Our mission is to supply the best value of Art products available anywhere in Australia with best price and quality. To achieve this, we work closely with our suppliers. Whether its painting, sketch or drawing we have everything you need to get started.

  13. Paint the world with Art Supply Australia  fine art brushes. We are the leading Art online shop in Australia for more than 10 years now and we continue to grow our line of products everyday to serve our patrons better. With increasing demands of our loyal customers, we offer complete assortment of Artist Brush made from superior materials at pocket-friendly price.

    We bring brushes for all your needs. Our brushes are popular among students, teachers, painters, artists, hobbyist and cosmetic experts. Our range of brushes can be used in variety of applications including make-up/cosmetic, face art painting, oil, water color and acrylic painting.

    Choose from our wide array of brushes from renowned brands like Matisse, Art Spectrum, Derivan and many more. Find great value in our products as you can pick the one that you need whether it is single or brush set all offered at great discounts.

    Depending on your requirement, we have various sizes of brushes.  If you are planning to buy small brush for your detailed work, medium brush for broad spaces and large for washes, you can easily find it here on our site.

    We understand that a brush made from high quality material enhances your desired results. You are assured that when you shop at, you are guaranteed that what you are buying are worth the cost. In short, we carefully select these products from our reliable suppliers so that you can paint with much durability, performance and consistency.

    If you are searching for a particular brush, browse through our assortment as we also provide brushes made from natural and synthetic fibers. We deliver the best Art brushes carefully made from brass ferrules, Taklon, natural sable and other synthetic sources.  You can select the brush which is perfect for your masterpiece.

    We also know an artist wants a particular handle for his art brushes. At, you can find varieties of brushes with different handles fitted for your Art requirement and serve much comfort while you work. Some brushes have beveled handle for color removal, highlighting and burnishing. Some have acrylic handle with soft rubber grip, some have painted hardwood handle which is best for watercolor, oil and acrylics.

    Brushes come in variety of shapes too. There are angular brushes perfect for precise strokes and curves. Some have fan shape which is ideal for blending, textures and special effects. A highliner brush is best for long continuous strokes, outlining and delicate lettering. So take a peek in each brush and find the one that suits you.

    An art won’t be an Art without perfect Art tools. Color your canvas. Enjoy face painting and cosmetic make up without any hassle when you choose Let the world know you can make a difference through your Art. Be part of the world that brings color and fun!

    Our site has been designed to make your shopping fast and easy. Feel free to browse in our product categories anytime. If you have any confusion or question in mind, let us know how we can help you by contacting us at 1300 272 080 or emailing us at Our customer care representatives are always glad to welcome you!

  14. Art Supplies Sydney is well known name in the field of arts and culture. It is full of great enthusiasm and exhilaration of great creativity; therefore we bring new and modern stylish designs for your home uses. It is greatly in demand art supplies at great discounts. Really, you will be surprised at the good art selections because you will get art supplies solutions from good collection of art supplies. You can buy drawing, art & paintings, and graphical deigns of your choices at affordable budget. Therefore, the creativity of the art supplies is very unique and special to explore new heights of their skills and talents, therefore you can make sure that every need of yours can be fulfilled.      

    Talking on the prime source of Art Supplies and materials in Australia is very important factor because we always realize the need of customers for affordable goods and services. You should understand the requirements, and then you try your best to choose the right ones. Sometimes, mostly people are very confused to select the right ones, therefore you can buy your superior quality so that you always keep yourself up to dated and informed about the latest trends of art supplies. They have no any idea about the prices and benefits of the art galleries.        

    Nowadays, everyone wants to be very smart and good looking, therefore they need art supplies including Face & Body Paint which bring wonderful results and are very safe even to children’s skin. You can select right one based on design, color and models. You should search the prices, and then you can buy a wide accessories and materials such as face art book, body brush applicator, face & body glitter and a lot of more.

  15. Talking on art supplies in Sydney has become very essential because art supplies are of superior quality at affordable price in Australia. It is an indispensable need of today people, especially for women, who wants to buy the art decorations items to decorate house wonderfully. Nowadays, everyone like teachers, students, professional people and even women choose the right choices, when we talk about the art solutions. Art supplies in Sydney are not so costly that you will not be able to purchase the art supplies ranging from oil paint, oil brush, and oil medium and framing supplies.     

    Art supplies in Sydney are the basic foundations of the Art in Australia. We are well known name for providing Art Materials according to your needs and budgets completely. Everyone needs good supplying materials to their personal uses. So they are greatly in demand among women. This is major reason why Sydney is famous for the creativity of art materials around the world.

    We provide superior quality canvas made from cotton and linen, which has superior good quality materials that can stand the test of valuable time. These canvasses are greatly in demand for the art work with your nice painting medium, whether it is caseins and Oil Paints. Talking on the great stock of stretched canvas is the essential need of today market according to your lovely style and preferences. If they are stocked, then you can buy easily from store where many buyers are seen to buy their special ones.

  16. Face painting is one of the simplest art that can make your children really happy. However, it can be difficult to work with children. Here are few tips that should be followed while painting faces of your children:

    • Wash your hand using either hand sanitizer or baby wipes before applying any face paint on the faces of the children. You should   also wash it when you are done with face painting of one of the children and moving to another.
    •  Check if there is any allergy, rashes or wounds on the skin of the children. If you see any such mark, do not paint that area.
    •  Face paint products, if not chosen wisely can have harmful impact on the skin of the children. It is essential to use non toxic products from well known brands to be on the safe side. It is better to use water based paints which get cleaned off easily with mild soap and water.
    •  The easiest way of face painting is to first apply color to entire face and then add sparkles and accents. There are many face paint and design books available in the market. You can choose one for inspiration and practice.
    •  You should never use acrylic or craft paints for face painting as it can cause many skin allergies
    •  Keep cleaning materials such as baby wipes, hand sanitizer, towels to drape over the child to clean unwanted paint droplets.
    •  Do not use metallic craft glitter for face painting. You should use glitter made up of polyester only with approx .008 microns or smaller size.

     And, lastly practice makes every one perfect. Once you have learned the basic, keep on practicing to make more intricate designs.

  17. Face & body painting is a complete fun for professionals as well as amateurs. Specially children love to get their face and body painted on special occasions such as Halloween, birthday parties, fancy dress competitions, class plays etc. Any body and everybody can use their artistic hand in face and body painting.

    All you need is box of  face & body paint, brushes and a bit of imagination and creativity. As our body skin is very sensitive to chemicals, it is essential to make sure that face & body paint products are non toxic and safe to be used on anyone. Face paint should also be easy removable with soap and water.

    Market is flooded with face & body paint products available in many bright and vibrant colors. However, if you want perfect creations and complex face painting, you need to take help of  face painting professionals. Once you get skilled in art of face painting, you can also make money out of your talent. You can take your face painting obsession to a new level by offering your painting services. You can start painting at markets, where artists are generally paid on per face basis. It is great way to give exposure to your skills and talents while earning a handsome sum of money from the it.

  18. The look of a painting depends a lot on the paint used in its creation. The good news for artists today is that with Matisse acrylic paint , you can paint beautiful pictures time and time again. But before you do that, you need to go through the variety of acrylic paint available before you decide which one will work best for you.

    Derivan Matisse Colours

    Matisse acrylic paint is ideal for all kinds of surfaces and come in a wide range of applications. There is one for every artist’s need as per his or her specifications. For e.g. the Matisse background colours are highly pigmented low tooth gesso and ideal for use on practically any surface. The advantage it offers is that due to its inbuilt sealer, it creates an ideal surface to paint on.

    Another advantage with the Matisse paint is that it can be used with design painting, stencils or a ceiling paint. It can be applied directly from the jar and can be cleaned with water. The Matisse acrylic paint is more similar in structure to oil paints and if you prefer working with oils than this might be a good option for you.

    Advantages of using a Matisse Acrylic Paint

    The following are some of the advantages of Matisse Acrylic Paints

    • Matisse Acrylic paints are ideal for teaching new students how to mix colours, and produce strong secondary and tertiary colours.
    • Due to their smooth, buttery consistency, they are great for block printing and achieving water colour effects.
    • Matisse Acrylic Paint can be used directly from the tube most of the time.
    • They are best for achieving both the water colour as well as the poster colour effect.
    • They are available in a wide range of colours, and in different volume containers for convenience and are reasonably priced.

    Due to their versatility, Matisse paints are very popular and commonly used by many artists. Hence, if you are an artist that has been painting for ages or a student just starting out, pick up the right Matisse Acrylic Paint for you and you will be well on your way to creating your best ever works.

  19. Acrylic paintings on canvas and  linen by Central Australian Aboriginal people is one of the most exciting developments in modern Australian Art.

     Acrylic painting are a new form incorporating the classic elements of Aboriginal Life. They state a person's relationship to those around them, to the land and to the Dreaming. The paintings are mythical representations of landscapes or conceptual maps of designs wrought by ancestors. In this tradition, paintings, dances and songs relating to the Dreamtime are repeating the work of Ancestors, thus keeping the Dreaming alive.

    Only highest quality acrylic colours like Matisse Structure and Flow can be used by Aboriginal Artists on fine canvas or linen primed with black or white Gesso.

    ArtSuppliesAustralia is one of leading suppliers of art materials to Aboriginal Art Communities.

  20. (ASA) is without doubt a leading supplier of art canvas for all levels of artists, ranging from archival quality linen to student canvas.

    Big brand Artworks and ArtVista Linen and cotton canvas has been used by Archibald winner artist and many great artists all over the country including Aboriginal artists. Many experienced artists are impressed by the quality of tight weven canvas as well triple primed with high grade acrylic primer on clear foundation sealer, clearly those products come from experienced manufacturer by professional distributor. Both Acrylic & oil colours like Matisse structure and Winsor Newton oil paints are perfect for artist canvas of premium brand i.e. Artworks and ArtVista.

    Stretched Canvas

    At ASA, you will find many sizes available in Stretched canvas and stretched linen, plus primed and unprimed canvas & linen rolls.
    Many young promising artists and students have been very happy to the quality of student canvas branded Paintwell, which has been in the market for about 10 years. These types of student canvas are made of 340gsm double primed canvas with medium texture. Compare with other 290 gsm student canvases in the same price range; Paintwell student canvas has obvious advantages in canvas surface quality.

    Looking at the prices of all types of canvas & linen in this website, you would ask yourself, “why bother shopping anywhere else..???”.

  21. Our Matisse acrylic paint collection includes Matisse Structure formula, Matisse Flow formula, background colors, Derivan Student and Derivan challenge. Used for different purposes, each of these Matisse acrylic paints are in turn available in different varieties. Matisse structure formula is available in ninety five different colors from series 1 to series 7, it is one of  the  best artist quality heavy  body acrylic paint series in the world ; Matisse flow formula is also available in different colors and is used to regulate viscosity of the paints used; Matisse background colors and Derivan student both find several applications and form useful components of an artist’s repertoire; Derivan Challenge is another type of water based Matisse acrylic paint that is used to obtain secondary colors. Matisse paints are usually available in tubes or bottles of 75 ml to 10 L depending on each individual type of paint.

    Our services

    As with every other item listed on our online catalogue, great discounts are available on our collection of Matisse acrylic paints. Heavy discounts on the original recommended retail prices are available for our Matisse acrylic paint products. We will ensure that all orders on items in-stock are shipped the very next business day after the date of purchase. A shipping charge will apply, although this charge will vary depending on the size and weight of the consignment; please contact us for specific details on shipping charges for any item that you are interested in purchasing. We also offer our clients a seven day returns period which clients may utilize to return any products that may have been delivered in a damaged condition.
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