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  1. Australia is an exemplary example of true depiction of colors, visuals and Arts. With roots dated back 30, 000 years ago; it has been valued as a legend when it comes to conventional and contemporary visuals through its line of museums and galleries. The country has raised and witnessed the birth of aspirant artists and the increasing notable names in the domain. Today, it still displays the growing number of student artists, hobbyists, and even professionals.

    Keeping this in mind, Art Supplies Australia supports the arena and is recognized as a reliable instrument in the promotion of Arts for several years now. The company aims in delivering complete range of Art Materials at the most convenient price for all its patrons. It has worked with trusted elite brands including Matisse, Derivan, Artworks, Winsor & Newton and Art Spectrum.

    The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of merchandise such as Canvas Roll , Acrylic paint, Oil Paint, Paint Brush, Inks, Mediums and much more. It has been admired for maintaining loyal customers as it has been known for its quality products. The company is also praised for their fast service and ever-friendly customer service staff who are all ready to serve you anytime.

    Art Supplies Sydney caters to the requirements of all students, teachers, schools, galleries, industries in the whole Australiawide. For best shopping experience, make it your option to find real value to what you are buying. What are you waiting for? Enhance your creative ideas and find superb results in all your work with Art Supplies Australia.
  2. Acrylic paintings on canvas and  linen by Central Australian Aboriginal people is one of the most exciting developments in modern Australian Art.

     Acrylic painting are a new form incorporating the classic elements of Aboriginal Life. They state a person's relationship to those around them, to the land and to the Dreaming. The paintings are mythical representations of landscapes or conceptual maps of designs wrought by ancestors. In this tradition, paintings, dances and songs relating to the Dreamtime are repeating the work of Ancestors, thus keeping the Dreaming alive.

    Only highest quality acrylic colours like Matisse Structure and Flow can be used by Aboriginal Artists on fine canvas or linen primed with black or white Gesso.

    ArtSuppliesAustralia is one of leading suppliers of art materials to Aboriginal Art Communities.

  3. (ASA) is without doubt a leading supplier of art canvas for all levels of artists, ranging from archival quality linen to student canvas.

    Big brand Artworks and ArtVista Linen and cotton canvas has been used by Archibald winner artist and many great artists all over the country including Aboriginal artists. Many experienced artists are impressed by the quality of tight weven canvas as well triple primed with high grade acrylic primer on clear foundation sealer, clearly those products come from experienced manufacturer by professional distributor. Both Acrylic & oil colours like Matisse structure and Winsor Newton oil paints are perfect for artist canvas of premium brand i.e. Artworks and ArtVista.

    Stretched Canvas

    At ASA, you will find many sizes available in Stretched canvas and stretched linen, plus primed and unprimed canvas & linen rolls.
    Many young promising artists and students have been very happy to the quality of student canvas branded Paintwell, which has been in the market for about 10 years. These types of student canvas are made of 340gsm double primed canvas with medium texture. Compare with other 290 gsm student canvases in the same price range; Paintwell student canvas has obvious advantages in canvas surface quality.

    Looking at the prices of all types of canvas & linen in this website, you would ask yourself, “why bother shopping anywhere else..???”.

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