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  1. There are many different types of materials, supplies and tools that an artist requires to create his works of art. These can be purchased from art supply outlets or from online stores. Qualities and prices vary for these supplies based on their brand as well as level of talent. Supplies used by professional artists would cost more than those available for students.
    The many types of art easels available today
    An art easel is a support or stand that is used by an artist to rest his drawing surface or canvas while he is working on it. Most easels are adjustable in height, width and angle, allowing the artist to raise, lower or adjust the angle at which he can view his work, at the same time giving it the support it requires. Their design allows them fit into small working areas and they are usually collapsible making it easy for storage. There are various types, shapes and styles of art easels and they come in a wide range of sizes. There are studio easels like  A-
    frame easels, art horses and bench easels, giant easels, H-frame easels, single-mast easels and wall mounted easels to name a few. There are also table easels, outdoor easels, children’s easels as well as display and presentation easels. An art easel can be made from aluminium, metal or wood.
    A good brand of face paint is safe to use
    An art supply outlet or online shop may also stock face paint supplies for use by either professional face painters or amateurs. These paints are specially prepared by using a makeup base to protect the skin from any allergic reaction. Theater actors, makeup artists and professional artists always choose a good quality brand of face paint as they can be assured that it is safe to use. It is therefore, also advisable to use a good brand for events like children’s parties etc. Face paints come in an assortment of colors.
  2. Painting is a mode through which an artist expresses his thoughts and feelings. Combination of imagination and color, picture is created on a canvas that conveys a message that is artistically genius.

    To paint a picture on canvas, various art products are required. For those who are learning painting or professional painters, Art Supply Australia provides various kinds of fine art materials. Based in Sydney and with more than 10 years of experience in this industry, Art Supply Australia became one of the leading brands offering fine Art Materials and has developed a reputation for reliability, quality and product innovation. We managed to grow and expand in these years with the help of our loyal customers.

    We bring you all your favorite products such as acrylic paint, oil paint, Face & Body Paint , brushes, canvas boards and rolls and many other Art Supplies. All the high quality products that we provide carry the labels of Winsor and Newton, Art Spectrum, Derivan, Matisse and many more. We are coming with many premium products as we are adding to our database every day, so don’t forget to check our website with thousands of more products still to come!

    We promise that the products we offer touch the lives of artists in every step of his artistic journey, whether it is a childhood sketches or professional canvases. We are here in this industry to inspire artist of all ages and to help them realize their creative ideas. Many of our staff at Art Supply Australia comes from art or design background, which means they have great knowledge and can advise you with your current and future projects.

    We are supplying products to artist, schools, teachers and other public and private organizations. We are dedicated to provide quality products at affordable price for all artists from beginner to professional level.

    Art Supply Australia is recognized all over Australia for its excellence in quality. Our products are used by many professionals and hobby artists. We treasure every relationship that we make with our employees and valued customers.

     It is your own online store for all the amazing variety of products at discounted prices. Buy with full confidence as with so many years in the market, we treat each and every customer like a family.

    We also understand well the security and reliability of online shopping that is why we ensure that our website is secure for online ordering and we are guarantee our clients  in delivering all orders within given period of time all over Australia.

    Our mission is to supply the best value of Art products available anywhere in Australia with best price and quality. To achieve this, we work closely with our suppliers. Whether its painting, sketch or drawing we have everything you need to get started.

  3. Paint the world with Art Supply Australia  fine art brushes. We are the leading Art online shop in Australia for more than 10 years now and we continue to grow our line of products everyday to serve our patrons better. With increasing demands of our loyal customers, we offer complete assortment of Artist Brush made from superior materials at pocket-friendly price.

    We bring brushes for all your needs. Our brushes are popular among students, teachers, painters, artists, hobbyist and cosmetic experts. Our range of brushes can be used in variety of applications including make-up/cosmetic, face art painting, oil, water color and acrylic painting.

    Choose from our wide array of brushes from renowned brands like Matisse, Art Spectrum, Derivan and many more. Find great value in our products as you can pick the one that you need whether it is single or brush set all offered at great discounts.

    Depending on your requirement, we have various sizes of brushes.  If you are planning to buy small brush for your detailed work, medium brush for broad spaces and large for washes, you can easily find it here on our site.

    We understand that a brush made from high quality material enhances your desired results. You are assured that when you shop at, you are guaranteed that what you are buying are worth the cost. In short, we carefully select these products from our reliable suppliers so that you can paint with much durability, performance and consistency.

    If you are searching for a particular brush, browse through our assortment as we also provide brushes made from natural and synthetic fibers. We deliver the best Art brushes carefully made from brass ferrules, Taklon, natural sable and other synthetic sources.  You can select the brush which is perfect for your masterpiece.

    We also know an artist wants a particular handle for his art brushes. At, you can find varieties of brushes with different handles fitted for your Art requirement and serve much comfort while you work. Some brushes have beveled handle for color removal, highlighting and burnishing. Some have acrylic handle with soft rubber grip, some have painted hardwood handle which is best for watercolor, oil and acrylics.

    Brushes come in variety of shapes too. There are angular brushes perfect for precise strokes and curves. Some have fan shape which is ideal for blending, textures and special effects. A highliner brush is best for long continuous strokes, outlining and delicate lettering. So take a peek in each brush and find the one that suits you.

    An art won’t be an Art without perfect Art tools. Color your canvas. Enjoy face painting and cosmetic make up without any hassle when you choose Let the world know you can make a difference through your Art. Be part of the world that brings color and fun!

    Our site has been designed to make your shopping fast and easy. Feel free to browse in our product categories anytime. If you have any confusion or question in mind, let us know how we can help you by contacting us at 1300 272 080 or emailing us at Our customer care representatives are always glad to welcome you!

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