No.1 Medium
Art Spectrum Painting Medium No. 1 (the Leanest)

Art Spectrum Painting Medium No. 1 (the Leanest)

Why Artists Should be use painting mediums?

Today's advanced testing indicates that the use of turpentine alone as a diluent for painting is to be avoided.  It is too easy to destroy the binder and benefits of carefully milled paint.  Sound painting principles involve painting from 'Lean'mixutres to 'Fat' mixutres of paint.  (This prevents cracking in the paint film during drying).  With traditional medims this is achieved by starting with painting mediums No. 1, and progressively 'fattening' the successive layers of paint as you work, with mediums no.2 and 3 as required. (if using Art Spectrum reduced odour range, begin with 'Lean' Medium and then progress to 'Fat'). This technique is essential when paintings are completed over a period of time.

Painting Medium No. 1 (The Leanest)

Medium No. 1 represents the first link in the progressive system of painting mediums, described above.  Ready to use, straight from the container. Dries overnight depending on climate. The safe way to achieve thin colour washes without destroying the binder of the paint.  Especially suitable for 'watercolour effects'.  Can be used as a sealer for canvas or used for mixing tints for canvas grounds.


AS Painting Medium No. 1 (100ml)
AS Painting Medium No. 1 (500ml)
AS Painting Medium No. 1 (1L)
AS Painting Medium No. 1 (4L)
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